BREAKING NEWS: Jin Kazama injured in March M4GNess: TMN Green Vacated – [April 8th, 2018]

In one of the more shocking M4G-Nation developments, current TMN Green Champion, Jin Kazama, suffered an injury at the hands of Yusuke Urameshi in their Elite 8 match in the March M4GNess Tournament. TMN is no stranger to injures, as a March M4gNess competitor, Tien Shinhan, recently returned from more than a year long absence due to injury.

The Yusuke vs Jin match ended pretty abruptly, leaving many fans and even commemorators wondering if something was seriously wrong with Jin, who lost via pinfall after only 7 minutes in the ring. After the Walls of Demon World, Yusuke applied another back-centric submission, and that’s where referee Kobe Bryant, to his credit, saw something was wrong.

“I’ve never heard that kind of noise come from a wrestler before,” Kobe admitted after the match. “Jin looked like he was in so much pain, and then motioned to me he could not continue the match.”

After spending an overnight in medical care, it has been determined that Jin Kazama suffered a herniated disc, and will be out of action for at least 6 weeks after surgery, which is scheduled for tomorrow evening. As a result of the injury and recovery time, Jin’s TMN Green Title will be vacated following the Tournament. An official announcement will be made on the next episode of TMN Green, which will go live on Saturday, April 14th.


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