TMN Wrestling Just Had it’s Worst Match – and here’s why – [State of the Nation, April 3rd, 2018]

There have officially been 100 Rated matches for TMN Wrestling in 2018, and around 35 matches rated from previous years, but the worst match in TMN Wrestling happened this past week. Zamasu and Scorpion, two CHAMPIONS in TMN, had a match rated 1.5 by BrazillDazzle, but it was so much worse than that. If you’d like to watch it, click here.

Let’s look at the facts here. The match featured 2 current champions of Green: Zamasu, the Solar Flare Champion, and Scorpion, one half of the Tag Team Champions. Being Champions, you start to expect an elevated performance in the ring, so the match turned out to be an even bigger letdown than just the rating presents.

Then there’s a run in by Finn Balor. Now let’s not pretend there’s any reason other than “hey it would be funny if a random WWE person interrupted a match every so often” that there are these interferences. There isn’t a reason. They’re dumb, but most times they offer something kind of funny in an otherwise already silly Youtube channel concept. But this one, man. Even a shitty and stupid run-in happened.

Finn Balor entered, and then stood around on the outside, followed by Zamasu and Scorpion also standing around watching. The entire exchange last about a minute, which was 20% of the match [not counting the entrances].  Finn Balor entered, and did nothing, which then had both Zamasu and Scorpion also do nothing. Eventually, Finn Balor left, and then the match. Shortly after, the match ended with a Zamasu victory.

The facts:

The entrances were longer than the match itself.

Both competitors are current Champions.

There was a useless run-in.


All in all, the match was a disaster. We are sorry you had to be a part of it. But at least Finn Balor was there.



One comment

  1. At least with scorpion he’s mainly a tag team wrestler so you understand why he’s not good at Singles wrestling. But still this was a really bad match.

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