TMN Green Debating on New Title – [State of the Nation, March 31st, 2018]

Since the start of 2017, TMN Green has moved to a definitive weekly spot on Youtube, now permanently sitting on Saturday afternoons. During this time, they have also brought in a B-Show, called TMN Thunder, which is used as a “minor leagues” for Green. With the increased air time, women wrestlers in the back have expressed interest in their own Tag Team Titles, as Blue added something similar recently as well.  M4G, AKA Steve, was asked about this title being added and he responded positively to the idea.

“I would love to find more screen time for our women’s division,” – Steve commented when asked. “Definitely something we are talking about and drawing up for a possible future debut.”

The Women’s Tag Team Title is not a new idea, as they existed years ago before the brand split, but there has been a few voices calling out for a return of these titles. Blue answered the call, and now Green is working on adding them as well.



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