TMN Green, [Ep #91] – Show Review

Green 91 Review
by BrazillDazzle
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Master Chief vs. Ryu


Master Chief opens up with a Sidewalk Slam. Ryu counters with a Suplex. Ryu uses his martial arts background and unleashes a series of punches. Ryu goes for a stylish pin after dropping a knee over Master Chief’s throat. Master Chief kicks out at one. Master Chief goes for a cover, but Ryu kicks out at a two-count. Master Chief shows his displeasure by chocking out Ryu, following it with a Spine Buster. Ryu hits the Sure-you-can, and goes for a cover. Master Chief kicks out at two. Master Chief then goes for a cover, but Ryu again kicks out at two. Master Chief connects on a Sidewalk Slam, but the ensuing cover is only a near-fall. Master Chief again tries to pin his foe, but Ryu shows his perseverance and kicks out at two. Master Chief busts Ryu’s face open with a Pedigree. The cover that followed had Ryu kicking out with a fraction of a second left. Ryu hits another Sure-you-can, which nabs him the victory.


Great match to kick off the episode! Both competitors looked strong in this very back-and-forth match. Ryu is on a little bit of a roll. I don’t want to take anything away from Master Chief; however, since he put up a great fight against the Street Fighter.



Five-Knuckle Shufflers vs. Scorpion and Super Android 13
(Tag Team Number One Contender Match)


Scorpion and Skeeter kick things off. Skeeter nails Scorpion with a Sidewalk Slam to begin the match. Skeeter tags in Saitama. He connects on a Frog Splash. Scorpion sweeps Saitama’s leg and takes out Raditz in the process. He then tags in his partner, Android 13. Saitama makes a hot tag for his partner, while Scorpion gets tagged in. 13 gets tagged back in. Skeeter tags in Saitama. He comes in with a Hurricanranna. Scorpion gets tagged back in. He unleashes a fury of moves onto Saitama. 13 gets tagged back in. Saitama goes for the first cover of the match, but Scorpion is there to break it up at one. 13 hits a spear on Saitama. Saitama kicks out at two. 13 goes for another cover, this time with Scorpion running interference. Ring the bell, because 13 wins it.


Scorpion and 13 have great teamwork for only being a tag team for a few weeks. It takes something to beat the former Tag Team Champions, and this new team definitely has that “it” factor. Good luck to them at Battle of Naboo 2.


Nina Williams [with Jinx] vs. D. Va
(Super Nova Title Number One Contender Match)


Nina Williams starts the match off by hitting a Hurricanranna onto D. Va. Nina goes for a Hurricanranna off the top rope, but D. Va catches her in mid-air and drops her on the top rope. Nina puts D. Va on the top turnbuckle, but she fights out of it and lands a flying elbow. Nina clotheslines the pop star over the ropes. Nina tosses her foe around outside the ring, throwing her into the corner of the ring. The fighting returns to the ring, but D. Va spears her opponent outside the ring. D. Va gets her revenge by slamming her foe into the corner. Nina whips D. Va back in, and goes for a cover. The pop-star kicks out at one. Nina hits a Belly-to-Belly slam. D. Va goes for a cover, but like before, this was just a one-count. D. Va nails Nina with a DDT. She goes for the pin, but it was only a near-fall. Nina catches D. Va, and like before, she drops her on the top rope. She goes for the cover, but D. Va kicks out at two. Nina literally tosses D. Va by the head across the ring. That seals the deal for her.


Nina Williams is back to fight for the Super Nova Title. She looked really strong in this match, which assures her as a top-of-the-card talent. D. Va had a resurgence in 2018, so hopefully this loss doesn’t count her out of future title opportunities.


Goku vs. Hulk
(Hell-in-a-Cell TMN Green Number One Contender-ish Match)


Goku starts the match by whipping Hulk across the ropes. He then grabs a bat from under the ring. Hulk hits it away from him. Goku unleashes a devastating offense against Hulk in the first few minutes of the match. Hulk hits a strong clothesline and Suplex. Hulk hits a Powerslam and then grabs the bat. Goku wrestles it away from him. Goku goes for a cover, but it was only a near-fall. Hulk then goes for a pin, but it was a one-count. Goku takes the fight outside the ring for a moment before whipping Hulk back in. Hulk hits a devastating shoulder onto Goku, who pinballs from the side of the ring off the cell. Goku goes for another pin, but Hulk kicks out with half of a second left. Goku hits a Stunner and goes for the cover, which nabs him the W.


Since Goku won, it will not be a Triple Threat match at Battle of Naboo 2. Hulk had some spots where he hit some strong moves, but Goku out-preformed him for probably 75% of the match. Is the Super Saiyan going to be the favorite going into Battle of Naboo 2?


Joey Wheeler and Kratos vs. Darth Malak, Jack Sparrow, and Mr. Meeseeks
(Handicapped Tag Team Match)


Malak and Joey kick things off. Malak tags in Meeseeks after whipping Joey into their corner. Joey then tags in Kratos. Kratos takes it to Mr. Meeseeks. He tosses the blue thing over the ropes. Kratos Powerbombs Meeseeks on the outside of the ring. Meeseeks slams Kratos outside of the ring, then tags in Jack Sparrow. Kratos tags Joey back in. Jack goes for a Powerbomb, but Joey reverses it into a Hurricanranna. Sparrow bridges a Suplex into a cover, but Joey kicks out at one. Jack Sparrow hot tags in Meeseeks. Joey lands a DDT onto Meeseeks. Joey goes for a cover, but Meeseeks kicks out at two. Meeseeks hits a nice Inseguri onto Joey. He goes for the cover, but the duelist kicks out at two. Meeseeks lands a Sit-down Powerbomb onto Joey, and goes for the cover, but Kratos breaks it up. Malak gets tagged in. Joey hits the Rocket Warrior onto Malak, but the ensuing cover is only a near fall. Kratos gets tagged back in. Malak hits a Float-over DDT.

Meeseeks gets tagged back in. He goes for a cover, but Kratos is able to muster the strength to kick out at two. Kratos hits a Snake Eyes. Meeseeks hits a second Sit-down Powerbomb. Malak runs interference on the pin attempt that follows. Kratos kicks out at two. Joey takes out Malak and Meeseeks, who makes the hot tag onto Jack Sparrow. Jack Sparrow goes for a cover, but Kratos kicks out right before the bell rings. Kratos lands the Blades of Chaos, but Malak is there to run interference. Jack Sparrow wins it with a somersault splash.


For being down a man, Kratos and Joey put up a solid fight against the challengers. There were spots where it was anyone’s game. Let’s see if Malak can carry this momentum into the Pay-Per-View next week.


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