Solar Eclipse I – [Show Review]

Solar Eclipse I
by Andrew S.
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Poison Ivy vs. Storm vs. Chi-Chi vs. Black Widow vs. Taylor Swift
[Championship Scramble]
Harlot Title Match
Show Rating: 3/5 Stars

Poison Ivy and Storm were the first two entrants into this Championship Scramble Match! But neither of the women were capable of putting the other down for a quick pinfall in this match-up before another contestant entered. . . Instead Storm and Poison Ivy decided to have a decent back-and-fourth wrestling match. Before either woman knew it, the first five minutes were up, and here came Chi-Chi! The Ox Kong’s Daughter entered the match with a nasty slap to Poison Ivy. . . The match’s pace was slowly but surely picking up as Storm went on to hit a Running Sunset Flip Powerbomb onto Poison Ivy and Chi-Chi! But Storm seemed to be determined to inflict as much damage to each woman as possible, so as Poison Ivy stood back up Storm sent her crumbling back down to the mat as she hit her with a Super Kick! Storm, however, wasn’t paying attention to Chi-Chi, who snuck up and delivered her finisher, The Ox-Bomb! 1. . . 2. . . No! It was broken up in time!

Soon after, Black Widow entered the match, and this is when things really started getting fun to watch! It was complete chaos watching each of these women hit big move after big move, and wondering if that would be the move to score them the first fall. And Black Widow came the closest as she delivered her finisher, The Arachnophobia, onto Storm. 1. . . 2. . . Chi-Chi got there just in time to stop the three count! And then Taylor Swift’s music hit. Wait! Poison Ivy had a chair? But Taylor Swift didn’t care! She earned this final spot in the Scramble, and she was NOT going to waste it! She hit a Hurricanranna on each of the women standing in her way from becoming champion. Poison Ivy later made use of the chair she had brought into the ring as she hit a Vandamimstor! It was any woman’s match to win at this point. . . What? Hurricanrana by Taylor Swift. . . And she hooked the leg? 1. . . 2. . . 3!

Taylor Swift has scored the first pinfall of the match with just under two minutes left to go in the contest. So our reigning Harlot’s Champion went on defense. . . With a chair! She took nearly everyone out with random, but rather effective swings of the chair. One minute to go! Oh, wait! Black Widow hit her finisher again! 1. . . 2. . . No, no, no! Taylor Swift was not going to let the title she had obviously earned slip away like that! With that final save, Taylor Swift won the match and officially became the Harlot’s Champion! The ultimate sacrifice Taylor Swift had given had really paid off. . . Good for her!

Optimus Prime & Sephiroth vs. Ash & Brock
Tag Team Title Match
Match Rating: 4/5 Stars

Optimus Prime and Ash started this Tag Team Title Match off with some good one-on-one wrestling as they seemed to forget they had partners ready to be tagged in. OP was able to deliver two Sky/High Powerbombs on Ash, which seemed to have shifted all momentum firmly into Team Slytherin’s corner. And with the advantage, Optimus Prime tagged in Sephiroth, and the duo went on to perform a Double Flapjack on Ash! Ash was in desperate need to tag out, but he was being punished non-stop by Sephiroth with some great knee strikes. Ash, at one point, thought he had a great chance to tag out when he countered a Hurricanrana into a Powerbom, but Sephiroth hopped back up rather quickly, and managed to deliver a Headscissors Takedown on Ash before he could tag out! It was becoming more and more difficult for Ash to find any openings. It wasn’t looking good for the champs.. . . And just when they thought it couldn’t get any worse, Sephiroth proved it could get worse as he countered an attempted Ash counted with a Spinning Roundhouse Kick! What was Ash going to do? Wait! He caught Sephiroth just in time, and was able to throw him into his corner, and tagged in a fresh Brock!

Team Old School then hit the M4GNation Elbow Drop on a now wounded Sephiroth. Brock would then pick up Sephiroth, but was unexpectedly hit with a Dropkick! Welcome to the match Brock. . . Sephiroth thought he had Brock just where he wanted him, but the Pewter City Gym Leader came back. Hitting power-move after power-move, Brock had finally given his team some sort of momentum in this match! But after a Choke Toss by Brock, Sephiroth rolled out of the ringer in obvious frustration. . . What was he supposed to do? Then it came to him, and he grabbed a steel chair from underneath the ring, then he took out John Clayton?! And then he rounded on Brock with that same chair! Sephiroth has wisely avoided a DQ by taking out the official first. So, again Team Slytherin were back in full-control. And just when things seemed hopeless for Ash & Brock. . . Here come Optimus Prime, who proceeded to dominate the match! The Autonot refused to let Brock tag out, and seemed to relish at the idea of taking out the Powerhouse of Team Old School. Optimus Prime would even Big Boot Ash off of the apron when Brock was just closing in on a tag! Then OP went on to Bulldog Brock, and then delivered one to John Clayton, too.. . But in that chaos, Brock tagged in Ash, who was quickly knocked out with a chair shot to the head!

Optimus Prime soon hit his finisher, The Optimus Bomb, but Brock stopped a pinfall from happening! Ash soon tagged Brock back into the match, but momentum didn’t change with his tag, because he was quickly taken down by Optimus Prime. OP simply dominated Ash, Brock, just Team Old School as a unit throughout this match. Ash & Brock’s chances for retaining their titles were not looking good at all. . . Then Brock hit a Big Baxk Body Drop on OP and hurried over to tag in Ash! Soon Sephiroth was tagged back into the match as well. And Sephiroth came in and hit a Double Knee Drop on a standing Ash, who had really thought his return to the match would only bring good things for him and his team. but again Team Slytherin just seemed to have all the answers. . . Then Ash countered another move by Sephiroth and hit him with the Thrownack, which busted open the One Man Band! Even then, Sephiroth was only concerned with winning those Tag Team Titles! So when Ash went to tag Brock, Sephiroth ran up from behind him and delivered another Headscissors Takedown, stopping the tag! Ash quickly hopped back up, but was met with a Hurricanrana. . . With a pin?! 1. . . 2. . . Nope! Ash kicked out just in time.

Sephiroth knocked Ash back down with a High Knee Strike though, and performed a Springboard Body Splash, again he went for the pin! 1. . . 2. . . Kicked out! Ash kicked out, again! Sephiroth was going crazy, and when he delivered his finisher, The One Man Band, it seemed like nothing less than a miracle could save Ash now! And then a miracle happened! John Clayton was very paranoid of anything Team Slytherin did now, so when the ref saw OP entering into the ring out of turn he focused all of his attention on an out of place Optimus Prime, ignoring the pin altogether. . . Ash soon escaped to the outside, and went for a chair? Was he really about to get himself intentionally disqualified to protect his and Brock’s title reign? Not if Sephiroth had anything to say about it! Sephiroth jumped off of the top rope and connected with another Knee Strike to Ash, causing him to drop the chair! Ash and Sephiroth soon returned to the ring, but when they did Sephiroyh took control of Ash, and set him up for his finisher! And as he hit The One Man Band OP had hit another Big Boot, but this time on Brock, which knocked him off the apron! Was this it? New champions? 1. . . 2. . . 3! Team Slytherin won, and in an instant classic as far as Tag Team matches are concerned.

Charmeleon vs. Duke Nukem
[Singles Match]
Match Rating: 3.25/5 Stars

What a fun match to watch! It had all started so amazingly for Charmeleon, who hit Duke Nukem with a Headscissors Takedowm just seconds into the match. And the Fire-Type Pokémon didn’t stop there! He continued his high-flying ways with several variations of the Hurricanranw, while also showing off his athletic ability with the delivery of one Dropkick after the othrr onto his opponent. Duke Nukem had no answers for anything Charmeleon did early on. . . Was Charmeleon going to coast his way to a win?

No! Duke Nukem was finally able to grab Charmeleon out of the air, and then spun his foe around to hit a momentum changing Titlt-a-Whirl Backbreaker. It was Duke’s one and only successful move thus far into the match, and it brought with it total co trial of this singles match. . . Afterwards, Duke Nukem went on to throw and slam Charmeleon all over the ring as if he were still his unevolved form, Charmander. German Suplex! Spin-Out Backbreaker! Pendulum Backbreaker! And Spine buster after Spinebuster! Duke Nukem made it clear with each of those moves that he was not just here to win a match; he was here to hurt Charmeleon.

But Charmeleon battled back! He hit Duke with a Leg Lariat, and then followed it up with another Headscissors Takedown! Charmeleon went for a Dropkick. . . It wasn’t very effective. . . So Duke Nukem charged at and delivered an Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex to Charmeleon that sent him halfway across the ring! What was Charmeleon going to do?
Desperate for some answers, Charmeleon rolled out of the ring, but Duke wasn’t far behind him. Charmeleon though was ready, and sent him crashing into the steel steps! Charmeleon soon after climbed to the top rope and performed a Jumping Sentim from it onto Duke. Yes, it was a risk, but it paid off big time! Unfortunately, as Charmeleon picked Duke back up he was countered, and then quickly thrown into the ring post by Duke. And after he has recovered, Charmeleon was welcomed back into the ring with yet another Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex. Charmeleon, however, hopped back up to his feet, and went for his finisher, Flamethrower. . . The attack missed!

Duke Nukem went on to hit his finisher, Balls of Steele, two straight times! It seemed to be over for Charmeleon. . . But Duke wasn’t pinning him?! Instead, he threw Charmeleon into the corner to punish him even further, but Charmeleon reversed! Hurricanranna! With a pin? 1. . . 2. . . 3! Charmeleon gained so much experience from this battle with Duke Nukem, who only lost because of his own lack of experience.

Bane vs. Jack-6
Extra-Solar Title Match
Match Rating: 3.5/5 Stars

Bane found himself in control very early into this title match after hitting Jack-6 with a DDT. Bane had his foot on the gas pedal and refused to let up! So he used his other foot to Big Boot Jack-6 right on his jaw on two different occasions. But Jack-6 was the Extra-Solar Champion for a reason: RUTHLESS AGGRESSION. . . Jack-6 stormed his way back into this match for HIS title! Jack-6 soon delivered a vicious Argentina Backbreaker on Bane. . . Bane was no longer in control, but instead he was just trying to survive this onslaught. Bane did just that, and found himself with momentum he hadn’t had since minutes after the match had started. But nothing seemed to be doing much damage to Jack-6, because he was kicking out of everything easily!

Bane at one point delivered a DDT, and then followed it up with a Bulldog. . . Only a one count?! Bane tried to keep the pressure on the Extra-Solar Champion , but it seemed impossible. Jack-6 grabbed Bane and hit him with the Dominator. Can you believe that? And he went on to hit a Military Press Slam on Bane, too! What strength! Jack-6 was just toying with Bane at this point; he could’ve easily pinned his challenger at any point. . . Bane, however, wasn’t playing around! He wanted to be champion! Bane somehow was lucky enough to be the only man standing later into the match, so he set-up Jack-6 for his finisher, The Soul Crusher, but it was countered! Jack-6 was just too much of the better competitor in this match-up. . . Jack-6 continued his dominance and delivered a Brain Chop to Bane, which busted the DC Villain wide open. Jack-6 finally showed some sort of mercy as he finished Bane off with his finisher, The Megaton Punch! 1. . . 2. . . 3! Jack-6 retains his title in dominating fashion.

Buu vs. Yusuke
[Hell in a Cell Match]
Inter-Universal Title Match
Match Rating: 5/5 Stars

This match. . . Yusuke and Buu exchanged blows early on and found that they were surprisingly evenly marched. But then Yusuke hit a Corkscrew Reverse Neckbreaker on Buu, who quickly regained his composure, but was greeted by a flying Yusuke performing a Springbosrd Cross Body! Yusuke was becoming the aggressor early on as he hit a running Dropkick on a stunned Buu, which sent him over the top rope and crashing to the floor! Yusuke then snatched a steel chair from underneath the ring, and proceeded to smash it fiercely against the DOME of Buu. . . But Buu grabbed the chair on the third swing by Yusuke and threw it to the floor in disgust.

The two men fought on the outside of the ri g, where Yusuke managed to continue his attack on Buu, but the challenger was able to dodge an attempted dive from the champion. Unfortunately, Buu wasn’t able to capitalize because Yusuke landed on his feet! And soon enough Yusuke was able to Droplick Buu straight into the cage wall! Buu was hurting, but again he was able to sidestep a Yusuke Springboard attempt! Back in the ring, it was more of the same as Yusuke was determined to hit another Springboard, but Buu refused to be victim of such actions. Yusuke, however, was able to get Buu on the apron and dove off of the top turnbuckle to knock Buu onto the floor. Both men began to fight again on the outskirts of the ring near the steps, but after a sudden punch Yusuke hit a Spear on Buu right through the cell wall!!! Yusuke and Buu continued their fight outside the cell, where Yusuke again gained control as he delivered a German Suplex onto Buu! Yusuke was on fire and he wanted to hurt Buu even further so he climbed to the place where the most damage could be done: the topmost region of Hell in a Cell. Foolishly, Buu followed Yusuke, but before he could get even close to being comfortable with the new environment Yusuke was lifting Buu overhead into a Last Ride Powerbomb, and sent him crashing down straight to the floor but not before being driven through the announce table as well!!

Yusuke wasn’t satisfied with himself though, so he jumped off of the cell and performed a Jumping Senton that could have gone terribly wrong for him. . . But it didn’t! And he was in such command of this match that he probably could have won at any moment. Instead though he went climbing g back up to the top of the cell. . . And Buu wasn’t too far behind him? Hadn’t he learned anything from the last time? Obviously he had, because as he reached the top this time, he was able to bring the fight to Yusuke. . . But even with that fight, Yusuke was able to keep momentum firmly on his side! And after hitting a Falcon Arrow, Yusuke continued his onslaught as he hit his finisher, The Spirit Gun, in the very middle of the cell! Both men, especially Yusuke at the moment were testing the structural integrity of that cell. Yusuke went to hit yet another Falcon Arrow on Buu, but as he went to pick up his challenger to inflict further punishment Buu hit a dastardly Low Blow on Yusuke! Just like that! And now, Buu had the control over the current champion. Then, after several heavy punches to the head of Yusuke, Buu kicked him in the gut and simply pushed him right off of the cell! Buu had achieved his revenge from earlier! Buu then climbed down to continue building more and more momentum. . . And that he did, as he proceeded to hit a devastating Hurricanrana DDT onto Yusuke right onto the hard floor! Buu was clearly enjoying the punishment he was now inflicting to Yusuke, because he went climbing back up to the top of the cell again! And although Yusuke was hurting at the time, he had so much to fight for, so he went chasing after Buu.

Buu and Yusuke fought back-and-fourth and then Yusuke was attempting a move, but Buu managed to reverse it into a Back Body Drop. Buu pulled Yusuke to his feet and delivered a vicious Buu Ball to the reigning Inter-Universal Champion! Buu refused to let up though as he went on to hit a Death Valley Driver on Yusuke. . . But Yusuke somehow was able to fight his way back into the match, and as he did nearly three Buu off of the cage, but while Buu caught himself Yusuke quickly took advantage of his opponent, and performed another one of his finishers, The Spirit Gun! Yusuke had regained control after hitting that move. Yusuke went back to the center of the cell to inflict more damage to Buu, but Buu countered into a Samoan Drop! Then he picked up his foe before delivering an Air Raid Siren on the surely weakening cell. Then Buu hit another Buu Ball, and thankfully the cell did not collapse on the immense impact of that move. But after a hurt Yusuke found some leftover energy, he went for his finisher again, but Buu reversed and delivered his fourth Buu Ball on top of the cell. . . AND THE CELL GAVE IN!!!! And both men went crashing through it and fell hard into the ri g where this match had once started! Buu was the first to his feet, and he continued his path of destruction as he hit another Desth Valley Driver, before climbing to the top rope to deliver a Flying Elbow Drop!

Then, just as Buu went for a Springbosrd Yusuke got fired up and dodged the attempt. Afterwards, he hurried to the outside of the ring, but Buu wasn’t far behind him at all. . . Buu picked up Yusuke and slammed him back-first against the cell wall and then slammed him hard onto the floor. Buu, throughout this match, continued to find ways to inflict the most damage somehow, someway, even when it seemed Yusuke was building some sort of momentum.. . Buu sent Yusuke back into the ring, but Yusuke out of nowhere hit a Side Kick on Buu, and went for the pin! 1. . . 2. . . No! Buu kicked out! Then as Yusuke hoped to continue this recently discovered this much needed momentum, he went running at Buu, who caught him and used a Small Package! 1. . . 2. . . Reversal by Yusuke! 1. . . 2. . . Buu got his shoulder up just in time! But it didn’t matter, because Yusuke set up Buu for his finisher, The Spirit Gun, and he successfully hit it! This late into the match? It had to be over! 1. . . 2. . . NO! ANOTHER KICKOUT! BUT HOW? Buu had somehow survived Yusuke’s final offensive outbreak late into this match. . . Wait! Buu Ball! Was this it? 1. . . 2. . . 3?! Buu did it! He won the Inter-Universal Title! And he did so in one of, if not the greatest M4GNation match up to this point! Wow. . .

[Final Words]

After their first pay-per-view, theM4GNation outdid themselves! Putting on some great matches, Solar Eclipse solidified itself as one of the original pay-per-views and possibly as one of the best as well! C’mon! There was a FIVE STAR MATCH! How could not be an amazing show to watch? Don’t believe me? Go watch it!


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