M4G-Nation Championship

The M4g-Nation title was created from the remains of the Inter-Universal Title. After his win at Absolute Zero I, Jack-6 crafted the M4G-Nation title, to further cement his dominance in TMN Wrestling. The M4G-Nation title was eventually split in to the TMN Green and TMN Blue titles, but they are all considered “top” titles.

You can click the links to get to the Title for Blue and Green, after they were split.:


TMN Blue Title
TMN Green Title


Bandit Keith(c) vs Ryu – [M4GaMania II]

Bane(c) vs Bandit Keith vs Cookie Monster – [Big Bang II]

Jack-6 vs Boba Fett vs Bane – [Solar Eclipse II]

Jack-6 vs Bane(c) – [M4G-Nation Title Match] – [Singularity I]

Jack-6(c) vs Bane – [Galactic Throwdown II]

Jack-6(c) vs Yusuke Urameshi vs Boba Fett – [Sonic Boom I]

Jack-6(c) vs Yusuke Urameshi – [Vernal Equinox I]

Jack-6(c) vs Boba Fett – [Vernal Equinox I]