TMN Tag Team Championship

For the first 3 years of TMN Wrestling, the Tag Team Titles were unified, but in early 2015, they were separated by Blue and Green. The following page has the entire list of Unified Tag Team Title Matches, but if you wish to go to each individual show’s Titles, you may click the links below:

TMN Blue Title 

TMN Green Title


Unified Title Matches

[Goku/Yusuke](c) vs [Brock/Broly] – [M4GaMania III]
[Brock/Broly] vs [Goku/Yusuke] – [Solar Eclipse III]
[Brock/Broly] vs [Link/Captain Falcon] – [Singularity II]
[Brock/Broly(c)] vs [Myotismon/Skeletor] – [Galactic Throwdown III]
[Brock/Broly(c)] vs [Red Tornado/Zangief] – [Galactic Throwdown III]
[Scorpion/Reptile(c)] vs [Batman/Robin] – [Sonic Boom II]
[Scorpion/Reptile(c)] vs Gypsy Danger – [May 22nd, 2014]
[Scorpion/Reptile(c)] vs [Zangief/Red Tornado] – [Vernal Equinox II]
[Scorpion/Reptile] vs [White Ranger/Red Ranger] – [Northern Lights II]
[Zangief/Red Tornado](c) vs [Scorpion/Reptile] – [Supernova II]
[Sub-Zero/Scorpion] vs [Zangief/Red Tornado] – [Space Jam]
[Ezio/V] vs [Space Ghost/Bane] – [M4GaMania II]
[Khal Drogo/Posedion(c)] vs [Kratos/Leonidas] – [Big Bang II]
[Khal Drogo/Posedion](c) vs [Sub-Zero/Scorpion] – [Solar Eclipse II]
[Vegeta/Megaman(c)] vs [Khal Drogo/Poseidon] – [Singularity I]
[Vegeta/Megaman] vs [Khal Drogo/Poseidon] – Tag Team Gauntlet – [Galactic Throwdown II]
[Link/Cpt Falcon] vs [Buu/Bojack(c)] – [Jun 14th, 2013]
[Scorpion/Sub-Zero(c)] vs [Bojack/Buu] – [Sonic Boom I]
[Scorpion/Sub-Zero(c)] vs [King/Wolverine] – [Vernal Equinox I]
[Leonidas/Kratos] vs [Scorpion/Sub-Zero(c)] – [Absolute Zero I]
[Leonidas/Kratos(c)] vs [Scorpion/Sub-Zero] – [Northern Lights I]
[Leonidas/Kratos(c)] vs [Eli Manning/Lebron James]  – [Feb 5th, 2013]
[Kratos/Leonidas(c)] vs [Lebron James vs Eli Manning] – [Supernova I]
[Kratos/Leonidas(c) vs Darth Maul/Myotismon] – Big Bang I
[Optimus Prime/Sephiroth(c) vs Kratos/Leonidas] – M4gaMania I
[Optimus Prime/Sephiroth(c) vs Ironman/Master Chief] – [Sep 3rd, 2012]
[Ash/Brock(c) vs Optimus Prime/Sephiroth] – [Solar Eclipse 1]
[Ash/Brock(c) vs Darth Vader/Ganondorf] – [Jul 8th, 2012]
[Ash/Brock(c) vs Dante/Darth Maul] – Galactic Throwdown I
[Ash/Brock(c)/ vs [Cid/Snow] – April 21st, 2012
[Yusuke/Kuwabara] vs [Ash/Brock] – April 4th, 2012