TMN Green Championship – [+Matches]

After the Brand Split in December of 2013, the M4G-Nation Title was split in two Titles, one for each show. At the time of the split, the “M4G-Nation Championship” became the “TMN Green Championship”, so the last holder of that title, Ryu, was the first to defend this new title.


Android 13(c) vs Jin Kazama – [Clone Wars]
Android 13(c) vs Jack-6 – [Duel of the Fates]
Android 13(c) vs Moon Knight – [Siege on Scariff II]
Moon-Knight(c) vs Android 13 – [Galactic Throwdown VII]
Moon Knight(c) vs Kratos – [June 30th, 2018]
The Hulk vs Jack-6 vs Ash Ketchum vs Moon Knight vs Raiden vs Yusuke Urameshi – [Order 66]
Jin Kazama(c) vs The Hulk vs Goku – [Battle of Naboo II]
The Hulk(c) vs Jin Kazama – [Invasion of Geonosis II]

Jin Kazama(c) vs The Hulk – [M4GaMania V]

Jin Kazama(c) vs Vegeta – [Siege on Scariff I]

Vegeta(c) vs Jin Kazama vs Ash Ketchum – [Galactic Throwdown VI]

Jin Kazama(c) vs Vegeta – [Sep 1st, 2017]

Jin Kazama(c) vs Thanos – [Order 66]

Thanos(c) vs Goku vs Jin Kazama vs Ash Ketchum vs Optimus Prime vs Ryu – [Big Bang V]

Thanos(c) vs Apocalypse – [Invasion of Geonosis]

Thanos(c) vs Goku vs Captain Ginyu – [Battle of Naboo]

Thanos(c) vs Kratos – [Galactic Throwdown V]

Thanos(c) vs Predator – [Big Bang IV]

Thanos(c) vs Apocalypse – [Space Jam III]

Thanos(c) vs Paul Phoenix – [M4GaMania IV]

Thanos(c) vs Master Chief – [Singularity III]

Master Chief(c) vs Thanos – [Galactic Throwdown IV]

Master Chief(c) vs Captain America – [Northern Lights III]

Master Chief(c) vs Captain America – [Absolute Zero II]

Captain America(c) vs Master Chief – [Mar 8th, 2015]

Captain America(c) vs Bandit Keith – [Big Bang III]

Captain America(c) vs Paul Phoenix – [Space Jam II]

Captain America(c) vs Green Goblin – [M4GaMania III]
Captain America(c) vs Vegeta – [Solar Eclipse III]
Ryu(c) vs Captain America – [Singularity II]
Ryu(c) vs Deadpool – [Galactic Throwdown III]
Captain America(c) vs Kazuya vs Ryu – [Sonic Boom II]
Captain America(c) vs Ryu – [Vernal Equinox II]
Ryu(c) vs Captain America – [Apr 5th, 2014]
Ryu(c) vs Kazuya – [Northern Lights II]
Ryu(c) vs Kazuya vs Boba Fett – [Supernova II]
Bandit Keith vs Ryu(c) – [Space Jam]