TMN Blue Championship [+Matches]

After the Brand Split in December of 2013, the M4G-Nation Title was split in two Titles, one for each show. These are all of the matches for the top title on Blue, the TMN Blue Championship.


The Undertaker(c) vs Superman – [Sep 6th, 2018]
Superman(c) vs Dante vs Captain America vs The Undertaker vs Bane vs Thanos – [Galactic Throwdown VII]
Superman(c) vs Dante – [FaceOff PPV 2018]
Dante(c) vs Superman – [M4GaMania V]
Dante(c) vs Cable vs Deadpool – [Moonraker]

Cable(c) vs Dante – [Oct 4th, 2017]

Deadpool(c) vs Cable – [Galactic Throwdown VI]

Cable(c) vs Bane vs Paul Phoenix vs Zangief vs Deadpool vs Link – [Jupiter Ascending]

Cable(c) vs Captain America – [Big Bang V]

Cable(c) vs Deadpool vs Link vs Green Goblin – [After Earth I]

Deadpool(c) vs Cable – [Mar 22nd, 2017]

Link(c) vs Deadpool vs Dante vs Captain Ultra – [Mar 22nd, 2017]

Link(c) vs Superman – [Space Jam IV]

Link(c) vs The Hulk – [Event Horizon]

The Hulk(c) vs Link – [Galactic Throwdown V]

The Hulk(c) vs Buu vs Green Goblin vs Jason Voorhees vs Deadpool vs Link – [Big Bang IV]

Jason Voorhees(c) vs The Hulk – [Space Jam III]

Jason Voorhees(c) vs Bane – [M4GaMania IV]

Wolverine(c) vs The Hulk vs Jason Voorhees – [Singularity III]

The Hulk(c) vs Wolverine – [Nov 6th, 2015]

The Hulk(c) vs Link vs Sub-Zero – [Nov 6th, 2015]

Jason Voorhees(c) vs The Hulk – [TMN Blue Title Match] – [Galactic Throwdown IV]

Jason Voorhees(c) vs Joker vs Bane vs Kratos vs Ash Ketchum vs Link – [Northern Lights III]

Bane(c) vs Magneto vs Jason Voorhees – [Absolute Zero II]

Bane(c) vs Jason Voorhees – [Big Bang III]

Bane(c) vs Captain Ultra – [TMN Blue Title Match] – [Space Jam II]

Jack-6(c) vs Thor vs Bane vs Kratos – [M4GaMania III]
Kratos(c) vs Jack-6 – [Solar Eclipse III]
Kratos(c) vs Sephiroth – [Singularity II]
Kratos(c) vs Gypsy Danger – [Galactic Throwdown III]
Cookie Monster(c) vs Kratos – [Sonic Boom II]
Kratos(c) vs Ash Ketchum vs Cookie Monster vs Jason Voorhees – [Vernal Equinox II]
Ash(c) vs Jason Voorhees vs Leonidas vs Kratos vs Loki vs Sub-Zero – [Northern Lights II]
Ash(c) vs Sub-Zero – [Supernova II]
Loki vs Wolverine vs Ash vs Jason – [Space Jam]