TMN Thunder Title [+Matches]

TMN Thunder, Green’s B-Show, debuted it’s own main title on the May 24th, 2018 Episode of Thunder. This title works as a “cash-in” title for a shot to move up to the Main Show, with a 1 year immunity. A wrestler may forfeit the TMN Thunder title on 3 conditions.

1). They must have a reign of at least 60 consecutive days.

2) They must have at least 2 successful Title Defenses

3) They must vacate their Thunder title in order to do so.

This means that a wrestler who cashes in their “Promotion” match will not be the TMN Thunder Champion if they lose. The TMN Thunder Title will be vacated in that event, and must be re-won.


Apocalypse(c) vs Guile – [Nov 8th, 2018]
20 Man Royal Rumble – [May 24th, 2018]