Atom-Weight Championship [+Matches] – [TMN Green]

The Green Atom-Weight Title was debuted just after M4GaMania in 2014, and was Green’s version of the Atom Weight Title. The debut match was on January 4th, 2015, between Darth Maul and Space Ghost.


Tien Shinhan(c) vs Joey Wheeler – [Clone Wars]
Joey Wheeler(c) vs Tien Shinhan – [Duel of the Fates]
Joey Wheeler(c) vs Ryuk – [Siege on Scariff II]
Joey Wheeler(c) vs Saitama – [Galactic Throwdown VII]
Darth Malak(c) vs Joey Wheeler – [Order 66, 2018]
Joey Wheeler(c) vs Darth Malak – [Battle of Naboo II]
Darth Malak(c) vs Joey Wheeler – [Invasion of Geonosis II]

Joey Wheeler(c) vs Darth Malak – [M4GaMania V]

**V vs Darth Malak** – [Seige on Scariff I]

Darth Malak(c) vs V vs Joey Wheeler – [Oct 14th, 2017]
V(c) vs Darth Malak – [Galactic Throwdown VI]

V(c) vs Darth Malak – [Order 66]

Darth Malak(c) vs V – [Big Bang V]

Darth Malak(c) vs Green Ranger – [Invasion of Geonosis]

Green Ranger(c) vs Darth Malak – [Space Jam IV]

Darth Maul(c) vs Green Ranger – [Feb 25th, 2017]

Darth Maul(c) vs Kylo Ren – [Galactic Throwdown V]

Darth Maul(c) vs Tien – [Oct 5th, 2016]

Darth Maul(c) vs Deadshot – [Big Bang IV]

Darth Maul(c) vs Frieza – [Space Jam III]

Darth Maul(c) vs Cyclops – [Jan 31st, 2016]

2 Pac(c) vs Darth Maul – [Galactic Throwdown IV]

Darth Maul(c) vs 2 Pac vs Frieza – [Sep 16th, 2015]

Darth Maul(c) vs Deadpool – [Northern Lights III]

Darth Maul(c) vs Hiei – [Apr 19th, 2015]

Darth Maul vs Space Ghost – [Jan 4th, 2015]