Öndör Amaar Khaan [King of the High-Fliers]

The Öndör Amaar Khaan is a Tournament for Cruiserweights only! It is the “King of the High-Fliers” and it is comprised of FOUR Fatal-4-Way matches, cultivating in a final Fatal-4-Way, to crown the Champion. The first event began in 2015 and ended in late 2016 after a long gap. Here are the matches as they happen:


Preliminary Fatal-4-Ways

Seth Rollins vs Darth Maul vs Jeff Hardy vs Donatello

Dolph Ziggler vs General Grievous vs El Generico vs White Ranger

CM Punk vs Green Ranger vs Heath Slater vs Nightwing

Daniel Bryan vs Green Goblin vs Ryu vs Leonardo 


Nightwing vs Darth Maul vs Green Goblin vs General Grievous

2016 Champion: Green Goblin