Inter-Universal Title [+Matches]

The Inter-Universal Title was the original MAIN title of the M4G-Nation. In has since been discontinued when the M4G-Nation brand split in to Green and Blue. The following are every match for the IU Title, before it was discontinued.



[Goku/Raphael/Master Chief] vs [Jack-6(c)/Bojack/Marcus Fenix] – [Captain of the Title Match] – [Absolute Zero I]

Goku vs Jack-6(c) – [Northern Lights I]

Goku vs Jack-6(c) – [Feb 4th, 2012]

Darth Vader(c) vs Jack-6 – [Supernova I]

Captain America(c) vs Darth Vader vs Buu vs Packard vs Yusuke – [Big Bang I]

[Darth Vader(c) vs Captain America] – M4GaMania I

[Buu(c) vs Darth Vader] – M4GaMania I

Buu(c) vs Raphael [Aug 23rd, 2012]

Yusuke(c) vs Buu – [Solar Eclipse 1]

Yusuke(c) vs King – [Galactic Throwdown I]

Yusuke (c) vs Goku [May 23rd, 2012]

Title Inception Royal Rumble [April 29th, 2012]