Hardcore Title [+Matches]

The Hardcore Title was brought in to TMN Wrestling on December 6th, 2012, and has the same general rules as the WWE’s Hardcore Title. It can be defend anywhere, at all times, against anyone…..kinda. Below are a list of the matches for that Title! Click here to see the Hardcore Title Defense Ladder


Guile(c) vs All Might – [Feb 19th, 2019]
Guile(c) vs Saitama – [Nov 12th, 2018]
Guile(c) vs Apocalypse – [Nov 8th, 2018]
Guile(c) vs Tien Shinhan – [Sep 15th, 2018]
Jack-6(c) vs Guile – [Sep 8th, 2018]
[Doomfist(c)/Yusuke Urameshi] vs [Jack-6/Killmonger] – [Aug 11th, 2018]
Optimus Prime(c) vs Doomfist – [July 5th, 2018]
Cooler(c) vs Optimus Prime – [May 19th, 2018]
Cooler(c) vs Green Arrow – [May 12th, 2018]
Cooler(c) vs King – [May 5th, 2018]
Doomfist(c) vs V vs Cooler vs Green Arrow – [Feb 22nd, 2018]

Doomfist(c) vs Ryu Hayabusa – [Jan 20th, 2018]

Apocalypse(c) vs Doomfist – [Dec 30th, 2017]

Apocalypse(c) vs Bizarro – [Dec 16th, 2017]

Apocalypse(c) vs Spawn – [Oct 27th, 2017]

Rorschach(c) vs Apocalypse – [Sep 29th, 2017]

Rorschach(c) vs Rick Sanchez – [Aug 18th, 2017]

Rick Sanchez(c) vs Kazuya vs Archie vs Rorschach – [Aug 11th, 2017]

Carnage(c) vs Rick Sanchez – [Jun 30th, 2017]

Jeice(c) vs Carnage – [Apr 29th, 2017]

Jeice(c) vs Bizarro – [Mar 17th, 2017]

Eddy Gordo(c) vs Jeice – [Jan 19th, 2017]

Eddy Gordo(c) vs Taskmaster – [Jan 18th, 2017]
Colossus(c) vs Eddy Gordo – [Sep 12th, 2016]

Colossus(c) vs Captain Ginyu – [Jun 6th, 2016]

Colossus(c) vs Shadow Wolf – [May 23rd, 2016]

Colossus(c) vs Lord Cheesburger vs Fanta-Man vs Carnage vs Shadow Wolf vs Professor Chaos – [Space Jam III]

Cyclops vs Green Arrow vs Arno Dorian vs Green Lantern vs Dale Ernhardt Jr vs Colossus – [M4GaMania IV]

Ezio(c) vs Kakashi vs Lobo vs Charmander – [Sigularity III]

Cyclops(s) vs Charmander vs Lobo vs Ezio vs Red Ranger vs Kakashi – [Galactic Throwdown IV]

Beast(c) vs The Hulk vs Carnage vs Blue Beetle vs Cyclops vs Aquaman – [Northern Lights III]

The Hulk(c) vs Red Ranger vs Frieza vs Raphael vs Beast vs Blue Ranger – [Absolute Zero II]

The Hulk(c) vs Bugs Bunny vs Donatello vs Colossus vs Nightwing vs Havok – [Big Bang III]

The Hulk(c) vs Green Arrow vs Scorpion vs Deathstroke – [Space Jam II]

The Hulk(c) vs Superman – [Nov 22nd, 2014]
The Hulk(c) vs Bandit Keith – [M4GaMania III]
The Hulk(c) vs Batman – [M4GaMania III]
Darth Maul(c) vs The Hulk – [M4GaMania III]
Blade(c) vs Darth Maul – [M4GaMania III]
Blade(c) vs Shao Khan – [M4GaMania III]
Blade(c) vs Scorpion – [M4GaMania III]
Blade(c) vs Spiderman – [M4GaMania III]
Raphael(c) vs Blade – [M4GaMania III]
Skeletor vs Raphael – [M4GaMania III]
Green Goblin(c) vs Eddy Gordo vs Green Ranger vs Burger King – [Hardcore Title Match] – [Solar Eclipse III]
Green Goblin(c) vs Piccolo vs Waluigi vs Spiderman vs Taskmaster vs Cyclops – [Singularity II]
Green Goblin(c) vs Servo vs Bizzaro vs Darth Maul vs Spawn vs Red Ranger – [Galactic Throwdown III]
Green Goblin(c) vs M Bison vs Taskmaster – [Sonic Boom II]
Green Goblin(c) vs Spawn vs Leonidas vs Deadpool vs Raphael vs Robin – [Vernal Equinox II]
The Tick(c) vs Green Goblin vs Space Ghost vs V vs Leonidas vs Optimus Prime – [Northern Lights II]
The Tick(c) vs Big Daddy vs Cobra Commander – [Supernova II]
The Tick(c) vs Mr. Christmas – [Space Jam]
Batman(c) vs The Tick  – [Dec 9th, 2013]
Cpt Falcon(c) vs Dante vs Big Daddy vs Scorpion – [M4GaMania II]
Captain Falcon(c) vs V – [Oct 3rd, 2013]
Cpt Falcon vs Cookie Monster vs Red Ranger vs Myotismon – [Aug 24th, 2013]
Adolf Hitler vs Jesus(c)  – [Singularity I]
Jesus vs Batman(c) – [Hardcore Title Match] – [Galactic Throwdown II]
Skeeter Valentine vs King(c) vs Batman vs Cookie Monster – [Galactic Throwdown II]
Kratos vs Flash vs Posedion(c) vs King vs Dale Jr – [Jun 18th, 2013]
Kratos(c) vs Poseidon – [Sonic Boom I]
Kratos(c) vs Skeeter Valentine – [Sonic Boom I]
Ironman(c) vs Kratos – [May 2nd, 2013]
Dale Jr(c) vs Ironman vs The Hulk vs Batman – [Vernal Equinox I]
Dale Jr vs Vegeta – [Absolute Zero I]
Cookie Monster(c) vs Vegeta vs Space Ghost – [Northern Lights I]
Cookie Monster(c) vs Vegeta vs Bandit Keith – [Feb 7th, 2013]
Vegeta(c) vs Cookie Monster – [Feb 7th, 2013]
Vegeta(c) vs Django – [Jan 18th, 2013]
Vegeta(c) vs Ironman – [Jan 4th, 2013]
Vegeta vs Jesus vs Lebron James vs Bandit Keith vs Speed Racer vs Captain Planet [Armageddon Hell in a Cell] – Dec 6th, 2012