TMN Women’s Title/ TMN Purple Title – [TMN Blue] – [+Matches]

The MAIN Title for the Women here in TMN Wrestling! It first debuted on the PPV event, Solar Eclipse 1, in a Championship Scramble match. The tile was discontinued after Big Bang II, but then brought back by Elsa at Big Bang III!


Mileena(c) vs Hela – [Galactic Throwdown VII]
Hela(c) vs Batgirl vs Mileena – [FaceOff PPV 2018]
Batgirl(c) vs Cammy vs Hela – [M4GaMania V]
Cammy(c) vs Batgirl – [Moonraker]

Julia Chang(c) vs Cammy vs Wonder Woman – [Galactic Throwdown VI]

Cammy(c) vs Julia Chang – [Aug 30th, 2017]

Wonder Woman(c) vs Kitana vs Elsa vs Julia Chang vs Cammy vs Rogue – [Jupiter Ascending]

Wonder Woman(c) vs Batwoman – [Big Bang V]

Wonder Woman(c) vs Captain Marvel – [After Earth I]

Wonder Woman(c) vs Daenerys Targaryen vs Spider Gwen vs Spider Woman – [Mar 22nd, 2017]

Wonder Woman(c) vs Rogue vs Storm – [Space Jam IV]

Rogue(c) vs Wonder Woman – [Event Horizon]

Rogue(c) vs Satsuki Kiryuin – [Galactic Throwdown V]

Rogue(c) vs Psylocke – [Big Bang IV]

Rogue(c) vs Supergirl – [Space Jam III]

Rogue(c) vs Spider-Woman – [M4GaMania IV]

Rogue(c) vs Cammy vs Elsa – [Singularity III]

Cammy(c) vs Rogue vs Black Widow vs Wonder Woman – [Nov 6th, 2015]

Elsa(c) vs Cammy vs Spiderwoman vs Wonder Woman – [Galactic Throwdown IV]

Elsa(c) vs Cammy – [Northern Lights III]

Elsa(c) vs Black Widow – [Absolute Zero II]

Elsa vs Rogue – [Big Bang III]

Bulma(c) vs Daphne – [Big Bang II]
Daenerys Targaryen(c) vs Samus vs Alice vs Bulma vs Rei Ayanami vs Juliet Starling – [Big Bang II]
Daenerys Targaryen(c) vs Cammy – [Solar Eclipse II]
Taylor Swift vs Daenerys Targaryen(c) – [Singularity I]
Daenerys Targaryen(c) vs Silk Spectre – [Galactic Throwdown II]
Taylor Swift(c) vs Harley Quinn vs Daenerys Targaryen – [Sonic Boom I]
Taylor Swift(c) vs Bulma – [Vernal Equinox I]
Silk Spectre vs Taylor Swift – [Absolute Zero I]
Bulma(c) vs Silk Spectre – [Supernova I]
Bulma(c) vs Silk Spectre vs Cammy vs Daphne vs Kim Possible vs Taylor Swift – [Big Bang I]
Taylor Swift(c) vs Bulma vs Lollipop Chainsaw – M4GaMania I
Championship Scramble: Taylor Swift vs Storm vs Poison Ivy vs Black Widow vs Chi Chi – [Solar Eclipse 1]