Atom-Weight Championship [+Matches] – [TMN Blue]

The Atom-Weight Title is the M4G-Nation’s equivilent to the “Cruiser Weight Title” from the WWE. Only superstars on the smaller side of the weight scale can compete for this title. This title was eventually split in to 2 Titles, the TMN Green Atom-Weight Title and the TMN Blue Atom-Weight TItle


Android 17(c) vs Black Panther vs Dale-Jr – [Galactic Throwdown VII]
Black Panther(c) vs Android 17 vs Taskmaster vs The Flash – [Face-Off 2018]
Android 17(c) vs Black Panther – [M4GaMania V]
Android 17(c) vs Punisher – [Moonraker]

Android 17(c) vs Captain Ultra – [Oct 4th, 2017]

Captain Ultra(c) vs Android 17 – [Galactic Throwdown VI]

Android 17(c) vs Captain Ultra – [Jupiter Ascending]

Android 17(c) vs The Flash – [Big Bang 5]

Android 17(c) vs Reptile – [After Earth I]

Android 17(c) vs Falcon vs Reptile vs The Riddler – [Mar 22nd, 2017]

Android 17(c) vs Dale Jr – [Space Jam IV]

Android 17(c) vs Dale Jr vs Black Panther – [Event Horizon]

Dale Jr(c) vs Trunks vs White Ranger vs Android 17 vs Nightwing vs Gambit – [Galactic Throwdown V]

Black Panther(c) vs Blue Ranger vs Spiderman vs Dale Jr vs Batman Beyond vs Nightwing – [Big Bang IV]

Nightwing(c) vs Black Panther – [Space Jam III]

Nightwing(c) vs Taven Osyrus – [M4GaMania IV]

Nightwing(c) vs Naruto – [Singularity III]

Nightwing(c) vs Black Panther – [Nov 6th, 2015]

Nightwing(c) vs White Ranger vs Havok – [Galactic Throwdown IV]

White Ranger(c) vs Red Ranger vs Nightwing vs Winter Soldier – [Northern Lights III]

Winter Soldier(c) vs White Ranger – [Big Bang III]
White Ranger(c) vs Winter Solider – [Feb 2nd, 2015]
White Ranger(c) vs Ezio vs Deadpool vs Leonardo vs Kakashi vs Green Arrow – [M4GaMania III]
White Ranger(c) vs Jin Kazama vs Frieza vs Ryu Hayabusa – [Solar Eclipse III]
White Ranger(c) vs Gambit – [Sep 11th, 2014]
Gambit(c) vs Android 17 vs White Ranger – [Singularity II]
Gambit(c) vs Frieza vs Spiderman vs Ezio Auditore vs Android 17 vs Megaman – [Galactic Throwdown III]
Megaman(c) vs Gambit vs Space Ghost vs Green Arrow – [Sonic Boom II]
Megaman(c) vs Spiderman vs Cyclops – [Vernal Equinox II]
Frieza(c) vs Android 17 vs The Riddler vs Megaman vs Tien vs The Joker – [Northern Lights II]
Frieza(c) vs Android 17 – [Feb 25th, 2014]
Android 17(c) vs Frieza – [Feb 10th, 2014]
Tien(c) vs Android 17 – [AtomWeight Title Match] –  [Supernova II]
Tien(c) vs Android 17 vs Green Ranger – [Space Jam]
Trunks vs Tien(c) vs Deadpool vs Joker – [M4GaMania II]
Link vs Tien(c) vs Raphael vs Trunks vs Earthworm Jim vs Deadpool – [Big Bang II]
Adolf Hitler(c) vs Tien Shinhan – [Solar Eclipse II]
Adolf Hitler(c) vs Jesus – [Singularity I]
Adolf Hitler(c) vs Trunks vs Tien – [Galactic Throwdown 2]
Darth Maul(c) vs Ash Ketchum vs Adolf Hitler – [Sonic Boom I]
Ask Ketchum(c) vs Darth Maul – [Vernal Equinox I]
Ash Ketchum(c) vs Tien – [Absolute Zero I]
Tien(c) vs Ash Ketchum – [Mar 17th, 2013]
Ash(c) vs Tien – [Northern Lights I]
Ash(c) vs Ezio Auditore – [Supernova I]
Ash(c) vs Trunks vs Skeeter Valentine – [Big Bang I]
Trunks(c) vs Ash Ketchum – M4GaMania I
Ezio vs Trunks(c) vs Cpt Planet vs Jesus – [Oct 1st, 2012] – Fatal Four Way Match
Trunks(c) vs Hiei [Aug 27th, 2012]
Trunks vs Jesus [Aug 9th, 2012] – Atom-Weight Tourney Finals