2013 Atom Weight Tournament

The 2nd Atom Weight tournament began on July 11th, 2013, and it was a 16 Superstar Bracket Style Tournament. The winner of this tournament would be the Number One contender for the AtomWeight Title, who would go on to face Adolf Hitler. You can see the Bracket by clicking HERE.


Round of 16

Deadpool vs Captain Falcon – [Jul 11th, 2013]

Tien vs Dale Jr – [Jul 12th, 2013]

Jesus vs Space Ghost  – [Jul 13th, 2013]

Ezio vs Trunks – [Jul 14th, 2013]

Darth Maul vs Red Ranger – [Jul 18th, 2013]

Link vs The Flash – [Jul 19th, 2013]

Dante vs Spiderman – [Jul 20th, 2013]

Raphael vs Skeeter Valentine – [Jul 21st, 2013]

Elite Eight

Deadpool vs Tien – [Jul 25th, 2013]

Jesus vs Trunks – [Jul 26th, 2013]

Red Ranger vs Link – [Jul 27th, 2013]

Spiderman vs Skeeter Valentine – [Jul 28th, 2013]

Final Four

Jesus vs Deadpool – [Aug 1st, 2013]

Link vs Skeeter – [Aug 2nd, 2013]


Jesus vs Link – [Aug 3rd, 2013]

Winner: Jesus