2012 Tag Team Tournament

The 2012 Tag Team Tournament was to name a #1 Contender to the Tag Team Championships, from the current Champions, Sephiroth Prime [Sephiroth/Optimus Prime]. The matches are as follows, and are broken down by round. You may view the overall bracket by clicking here.


Round of 16:

[Goku/Vegeta] vs [Solid Snake/Ezio] – [Sep 30th, 2012]

[Dante/Darth Maul] vs [Sonic/Blue Ranger] – [Sep 27th, 2012]

[Rorschach/Batman] vs [Bojack/Marcus Fenix] – [Sep 24th, 2012]

[Kratos/Leonidas] vs [Tony Hawk/Krillin] – [Sep 22nd, 2012]

[Master Chief/Ironman] vs [Johnny Bravo/Duke Nukem] – [Sep 20th, 2012]

[Trunks/Raphael] vs [Cpt Planet/Cpt America] – [Sep 17th, 2012]

[Ash/Brock] vs [Ryu/Ryu Hayabusa] – [Sep 13th, 2012]

[Ganondorf/Darth Vader] vs [Space Ghost/Bane] – [Sep 15th, 2012]

Round of 8:

[Ash/Brock] vs [Bane/Space Ghost] – [Oct 4th, 2012]

[Kratos/Leonidas] vs [Johnny Bravo/Duke Nukem] – [Oct 5th, 2012]

[Ezio/Solid Snake] vs [Blue Ranger/Sonic/ – [Oct 8th, 2012]

[Trunks/Raphael] vs [Bojack/Marcus Fenix] – [Oct 11th, 2012]

Round of 4:

[Space Ghost/Bane] vs [Kratos/Leonidas] – [Oct 15th, 2012]

[Blue Ranger/Sonic] vs [Bojack/Marus Fenix] – [Oct 16th, 2012]


[Blue Ranger/Sonic] vs [Leonidas/Kratos] – [Oct 18th, 2012]

Winner: Leonidas/Kratos