2012 Atom Weight Tournament

The first Atom Weight tournament began on July 9th, 2012, and it was a 16 Superstar Bracket Style Tournament. The winner of this tournament would be crowned the first Atom Weight Champion. Each round had their own special match type. The matches are as follows:


Round of 16 [Cage Matches]

Hiei vs Trunks – [July 9th, 2012]

Ezio Auditore vs Android 17 – [Jul 12th, 2012]

Darth Maul vs Skeeter [Jul 14th, 2012]

Tony Hawk vs Blue Ranger [Jul 15th, 2012]

Jesus vs Woody [Jul 16th, 2012]

Blackwing vs Dante [Jul 20th, 2012]

Krillin vs Matt Ishida [Jul 21st, 2012]

Sonic vs Tai Kamiya [Jul 22nd, 2012]

Round of 8 [Tables Match]

Jesus vs Skeeter Valentine [Jul 26th, 2012]

Blackwing vs Android 17 [Jul 27th, 2012]

Sonic the Hedgehog vs Tony Hawk [Jul 29th, 2012]

Trunks vs Krillin [Jul 30th, 2012]

Semi-Finals [No DQ Match]

Jesus vs Blackwing [Aug 2nd, 2012]

Tony Hawk vs Trunks [Aug 3rd, 2012]

Finals [Ladder Match]

Trunks vs Jesus [Aug 9th, 2012]